Since its inception the Farm To Fork project has been supported wholeheartedly by our community. From day one people have asked how they too might help. Some have pitched in by spreading the word, while others have helped by making sure we had a warm place to work. In many cases people have offered us financial support because they recognized the power of the Farm To Fork project to change not only our community, but the world.

But the project isn’t finished yet. We’re working hard to make sure helping those in need is as easy as it can be. We’re also working hard to send Farm To Fork beyond the borders of the Guelph-Wellington region because every person deserves access to nutritious foods. But to do this we need your continued support. Spread the word. Join the project. Make a difference. And if you can, please donate to the Farm To Fork project. Any funds contributed through the University of Guelph’s Better Planet Project will go directly to supporting student development of the Farm To Fork system.

If you are interested in helping out the Farm To Fork project you can do so through the University of Guelph’s Alumni website. Just follow the link below and be sure to fill out the necessary information identifying Farm To Fork as the recipient of your donation. Instructions are provided below.

Donating to Farm To Fork

Read all of the instructions below before clicking here.

Box 1

  1. In the first drop down box (see box 1 in the image below) labeled Available Programs, scroll to the bottom of the options and select Write-In Option.
  2. Click I prefer to support an area that is not listed above.
  3. In the box labeled Area of Interest write Farm To Fork.
  4. In the box labeled Amount enter your donation amount.
  5. In the box labeled Contact Information write Sonia Mancini and Daniel Gillis.
  6. Under Gift Type click One-time gift (unless you wish to make multiple donations).

Box 2

  1. Once all of the items in Box 1 (above) are filled in, click the Calculate button.

Box 3

  1. Fill in all of the relevant contact information requested in Box 3.

Box 4

  1. Click the Next button to complete your donation.
How to donate to Farm To Fork via the University of Guelph's Better Planet Project

How to donate to Farm To Fork via the University of Guelph’s Better Planet Project