In A World Of Plenty


Earlier this year the Farm To Fork team was joined by Nick Kattis – an excellent story-teller, videographer, documentarian, and all-around awesome guy.

At the time Nick was completing his journalism program at Sheridan College, and was looking to develop a documentary for one of his classes. Long story short – he wanted to tell the Farm To Fork story. He managed to do so much more. The following video is the result of his efforts.

Thank you Nick for telling the Farm To Fork story. We can’t thank you enough.

Nick Kattis

A recent graduate of Sheridan College’s Journalism Broadcast program, Nick is driven to produce socially conscious media. In early 2015, Nick led a team of students as they developed #WhatAreTheChances – a website focussed on factors affecting an individuals opportunities in life – including mental health, income, gender, and race. His efforts were awarded with an Emerge Media Award for Digital Design. He currently works as a multimedia consultant for a Canadian NGO, but is always interested in telling stories that highlight the importance of social responsibility and groups who strive to effect change in their communities.