Guelph Community Food Drive

It’s back! The Guelph Community Food Drive begins this Friday, May 29th and runs until June 14th.

The goal of this campaign is to collect 20,000lbs of food to support the various food providers in town. Of course, there is more than one way to donate.

If you are able to, please consider

  • making a financial donation to the Guelph Community Health Centre, by clicking here,
  • dropping off food to any of the many locations around town collecting food. These include the Guelph Public Libraries (Monday through Saturday), the North End Harvest Market (Waverly Drive Public School, portable #6, Wednesdays and Sundays only), and Goodness Me! (36 Wellington Street),
  • making a direct donation to one of the many community groups that make Guelph awesome. You can find a list here, or
  • volunteering some of your time (contact Andrea here)

Unsure of what to donate? Check out the needs listed on the Farm-To-Fork website.

And, if you’re joining Farm To Fork this Saturday at the Speed River Inferno event on campus, feel free to drop off donations with us. We’ll be delivering them to Hope House on Sunday morning.

Because every person deserves access to healthy food.