Student Life Awards For Farm To Fork

As co-founders of the Farm To Fork project, Danny and I are so proud to announce that our developers and our community partners have been recognized by Student Life at the University of Guelph.

Corey Alexander, Oliver Cook, and Lee-Jay Cluskey-Belanger were awarded the Be The Change award, while our community partners Kate Vsetula, and Lisa Needham were awarded the Emilie Hayes Community Partnership award.

The Be The Change award is given to student groups on campus who have spent their time as students working to affect positive change in the world. The Emilie Hayes Community Partnership award is given to community members and not-for-profit organizations who have partnered with staff or faculty to provide a unique learning opportunity for students.

As co-founders, we often hear about the positive impact that Farm To Fork has made. The truth is, however, that the project would never be where it is today without the incredible work of so many students, and our community partners. Corey, Oliver, and Lee-Jay have been working on the Farm To Fork project since it began in a third year computer science class at the University of Guelph in 2012. Building on the work of 27 other students, they have volunteered countless hours working to complete the website, designing a mobile application (which we will be launching soon), chatting with the community, and sharing the Farm To Fork mission. We couldn’t be prouder of their work, and the change they are making at the University of Guelph, and beyond.

We’re also so very lucky to have had the expertise and guidance of many community partners; in particular Kate and Lisa. When we presented the idea of Farm To Fork to Kate and Lisa, they immediately recognized its potential. They also recognized what the project could mean to the students – providing a unique educational opportunity that spanned computer science, community service, and food security. Kate and Lisa offered their time, their knowledge, and their encouragement. The third year course that began the Farm To Fork project wouldn’t have been possible without their dedication and commitment to both education and the community.

Thank you to everyone who has helped move the Farm To Fork project from an idea to a reality. Thank you to the community who continues to support our mission. And thank you especially to the students, and to our community partners who have poured so much time and energy to ensure that every person has access to healthy food.

We couldn’t be more proud.