Guelph-Wellington Women In Crisis Needs Our Help

In mid-February, the Guelph-Wellington Women In Crisis’ Marianne’s Place was flooded, completely destroying their kitchen. As a result, they are unable to prepare food for the women who currently live there. This is a call for your help.

Currently, the Farm To Fork team is working with the Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers of Guelph to help organize dinner for 11 residents each night for the next month. We are reaching out to local restaurants to donate 11 fully cooked meals (pork free, including 2 gluten-free and 2 shellfish free meals) that can be picked up each night and delivered to Marianne’s Place.

Soup Sisters and Brother Brothers of Guelph, along with 39 Carden Street and Baker Street Station are also going to be hosting a special cook-off event later this month (details coming very soon).

Since we are looking to cover meals over the course of a month, we’ll be working with participating restaurants to ensure that we can provide dinners each and every day. But we can’t expect the participating restaurants to do everything. For that reason, we are also reaching out to the broader Guelph community. Specifically, we are asking for cash donations to support the purchase of meals.

If you are interested and able to donate to this cause, please contact Farm To Fork using the form below. You can also contact us through twitter (@Farm_2_Fork). Please note that these donations are not tax-deductible. All money will be used to buy ingredients for the Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers cook-off, and to purchase meals at participating restaurants. Any surplus dollars will be donated to Guelph-Wellington Women In Crisis to help cover the costs of repairing Marianne’s Place.


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