Your Community Needs Your Culinary Skills

Earlier today I received the following letter about an awesome program that is in need of some health. The program – called Circles – is a community/volunteer event that brings together about 40 community members each week to talk and share a meal. They are currently looking for people who can offer their time and culinary skills to help prepare meals.

This is a great program, and an excellent way to meet new people. Check it out, and help out if you can.

Circles Guelph-Wellington is a new Guelph initiative that is changing how our community thinks and acts on poverty. In addition to the personal stress it causes, we know that poverty is the single biggest cost center impacting our health, social and policing services. Simply put, if we lower the number of families living in poverty in our community, we will improve lives and save money.

The Circles program is a proven methodology that empowers individuals living in poverty with tools they need to make measurable change in their lives. The biggest support the program offers is time from members of the community. A ‘circle’ is made up of an individual living in poverty (referred to as the Leader) and other members of the community (called Allies) all working together to help the Leader achieve a specific life-changing goal, usually around employment or training.            

Our program runs on volunteer power and the most important tool to power volunteers of course, is food. Once a week we host a meeting of 40 community members to talk about advancing Leader goals. One of our biggest logical needs is ensuring we have healthy meals ready for our leaders and volunteers.

I am writing today to ask for your help with this. Specifically we are looking for:

  • a healthy and nutritious meal for 40 adults and 10 children;
  • healthy drinks like milk, chocolate milk or 100% juice;
  • if food needs reheating it needs to be at hope House at 3:00pm
  • if it is ready to serve food can arrive at 5:15 pm every Thursday; and
  • delivered to a large fully-equipped kitchen at Hope House in downtown Guelph 

To make this as easy as possible for our food supporters we have:

  • all the plates, cups, cutlery and serving tools needed;
  • people to serve and clean up the meal;
  • a team member to return trays and pans to a Guelph location the following day.

If you are interested in supporting the community (but don’t quite know how to help out), please consider providing partial or full meals as you are able.

For more information, please contact Elaine Weir (1.519.822.2715 ext 4395).