15000 For Guelph

Just over a year ago the Farm To Fork team finished a campaign to raise $15000 to support development of the Farm To Fork website. And because our community is filled with so many amazing people, you delivered in a big way. With that money we managed to support 8 undergraduate students as they helped finalize and launch Farm-To-Fork.ca. With over 10000 volunteer hours planning, developing, building, rebuilding, and working with the community, the students put together something that truly has the power to help our community, and communities around the world.

But it wouldn’t have happened without your  continued support.

And so we’re asking for your help again. This time, however, we’re asking for food.

The Guelph Community Food Drive begins May 30th. We’re looking to raise 15000 lbs of food – food that will help out the many emergency food providers in Guelph as they help those in our community in need.

How can you help?

At Home:

  1. Begin by checking out the needs of the emergency food providers on the Farm To Fork website.  Why is this important? It ensures that the donations cover a wide nutritional selection of food. Remember – variety is the spice of life.
  2. Double up something on your grocery list that you would normally buy that is also needed by the emergency food providers.
  3. Drop it off at one of the designated drop off locations (see poster below).

At Work or School:

  1. Start a food drive in the office by linking everyone to Farm To Fork.
  2. As a group, identify the items that your team will donate.
  3. Donate! Donate! Donate!
  4. Drop if off at one of the designated drop off locations (see poster below).

The Farm To Fork team has no doubt that we’ll make this target if we work together.

Let’s do this Guelph. #15000ForGuelph

Guelph Community Food Drive

Guelph Community Food Drive