A Farm To Fork Update

It has been a while since we’ve posted, but never fear – the Farm To Fork team has been working hard to develop the next phase of the Farm To Fork project. Last October we launched the Farm-To-Fork.ca website, and even then we knew that it was only the beginning.

Over the past few months the Farm To Fork students  have been working to build a mobile Farm To Fork application. The app will make it that much easier to communicate with our community experts – those at the front line of food insecurity. By harnessing the power of location-based technologies, we’ll be able to connect donors to the needs of the emergency food system when they go to the market or the grocery store. We’re pretty excited about the next step, and we hope you are too. You can expect to see the mobile app later this year.

We’ve also been working on expanding beyond Guelph-Wellington. Over the coming months you’ll probably start seeing the Farm To Fork logo in communities throughout Ontario.

The team has also spent a significant amount of time spreading our story, and highlighting the need for healthy food in the emergency food system. We’ve given several talks, and have been invited to attend several round tables, community discussions, and panels. And next week we’ll be at the OCE Discovery event in Toronto. If you’d like to hear from us – drop us a line. We’d love to come and chat.

Oh, and did I mention we’ve also published a couple of papers? The first is available online here. The second will be available some time in June. We’re pretty proud of these papers, and we couldn’t have done it without your support and encouragement.