The Elevator Project

Last night the Farm To Fork team attended The Big Show – an event to showcase the 52 idea makers who submitted projects to The Elevator Project, and to announce the top 15 projects. Projects were judged by community members who cast votes for their favourite projects, and by a panel of community experts. The top 15 projects were also awarded funding in excess of $70000 (in both cash and in-kind mentoring).

While we couldn’t announce it until after last night’s event, Farm To Fork learned several weeks ago that we were identified as one of the top 15 projects. That alone was enough to make us smile, but the night held a few surprises for us that still have us smiling today.

When the Farm To Fork project was announced as a top 15 entry during The Big Show, we couldn’t help but cheer and applaud and smile like crazy. The announcement was followed by a short video where Danny, Dan, and Corey spoke about the Farm To Fork project – how it started, what it is, and what it means to Guelph (and beyond). And then the funding announcement was made.

And this is the moment when the Farm To Fork team were reminded of the incredible generosity and support of the Guelph community1. That generosity amounted to investments in Farm To Fork in excess of $120002.

You might describe our reaction as a cross between gobsmacked and glee-filled.

So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who voted for our project, thank you to everyone who have helped us out since day one, and thank you to everyone who continues to spread the word. We’d also like to offer a very huge and very special thank you to the folks behind The Elevator Project and The Big Show: 10 Carden, the City of Guelph, the Guelph Community Health Centre and Innovation Guelph.

We are humbled, and honoured, and once again, we can’t stop smiling.

1 Not that we ever forgot that – how could we?

2 $8000 from The City of Guelph, $2000 from the Guelph Community Health Centre, and $2700 in in-kind mentorship from Innovation Guelph and the Guelph Community Health Centre.