Farm To Fork Holiday Campaign

Farm To Fork Holiday Campaign 2013

Farm To Fork Holiday Campaign 2013

As the snow has begun to fall in Guelph, it’s clear that the Holiday Season is fast approaching. For most of us this means spending time with our families, reconnecting with friends, and enjoying the many treats that are customary at this time of year.


Sadly not everyone in our community is as fortunate. There are many families who go without; families who are struggling to make ends meet; families worrying where their next meal will come from; families who need our help.


The good news is that Guelph has been and continues to be a city that responds to the needs of its community. Many schools and businesses will begin their holiday food drives; collecting goods to ensure that every person in our community has the food they need, and demonstrating that when we work together, great things can be achieved. It’s in this spirit that the Farm To Fork team would like to partner with you.


How can Farm To Fork help?


  • Let us know if you are running a food drive in your school, community group, place of worship, or business.
  • Sign up the members of your group at By doing so we’ll be able to connect everyone to the needs of the local emergency food provider that you have opted to link with.
  • Have your group members pledge items that are needed.
  • Collect the items that have been pledged.


It’s that simple.


Of course, we also want to celebrate the amazing things that people in Guelph do all the time. Send us a team photo with the Farm To Fork logo, including a short blurb explaining why food security is important, and we’ll post it here. Share your holiday spirit. Share your sense of community. Inspire yourselves. Inspire others.


Working together we can ensure that every person has access to the food they need this holiday season.