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World Record Event: Saturday September 7, 2013, 10am-12pm, Gryphon Field House

Saturday September 7, 2013, 10am-12pm, Gryphon Field House

Several years ago Gavin Armstrong of the University of Guelph began an ambitious goal: to fight world hunger. It’s amazing what one person can do with the right attitude, the desire to help, and a lot of elbow grease.


Because of his work, the University of Guelph is the first Canadian university to become part of the Universities Fighting World Hunger organization. And how did he ensure that the University of Guelph lived up to the goals of this organization? It’s simple really. In each of the last two years he organized a Frosh Week event to fight hunger. The sum total of those efforts have resulted in over 500 thousand emergency relief meals being packed by almost 3000 volunteers.


But why stop at half a million meals? Gavin has set an amazing goal for this year’s event: 650 thousand emergency relief meals packed in 2 hours. Clearly this can’t be done alone. Gavin is currently recruiting 2000 volunteers – students, staff, faculty, alumni, Guelph residents, anyone – to pack meals. He is also looking for event Green Shirts to help with set up, organization, and clean up. If you wish to volunteer or would like more information, please click here or contact Stephanie Butler.


For his continuing work, Gavin has been awarded the President William Jefferson Clinton Hunger Leadership Award, and just this year was announced as one of the recipients of the Guelph’s Mayor’s Awards.


We’re also very happy to announce that Gavin will be guest-blogging with us in the very near future.


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