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Think you know broccoli? Stay tuned – Kathryn will be sharing all things broccoli with us in a few days. Image via Fir0002/Flagstaffotos and Wikipedia.

Guest Post: By Kathyrn O’Brien.


Today’s blog post is written by Kathryn O’Brien, who has an Honours BA in Psychology through McMaster University, and a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle. Kathyrn is an active member of the Guelph community, spending her days helping to improve health and wellbeing through nutritional management. The Farm To Fork team is happy to say that she will be providing regular updates to the Farm To Fork blog.



A bit ago, sitting on the patio at Baker’s Street Station, I had the privilege of learning more about the Farm To Fork project from co-founder Dan Gillis. The more we talked the more I knew I needed to be involved with this phenomenal project.


You see, food is my passion. Healthy, tasty, easy, unprocessed food. I get to spend my days helping people make smart choices about what they eat. And that decision has the ability to help people live their awesome. When we are fed well we can be the people we are meant to be.


Sadly today, many people do not have access to healthy fresh food options. Further, we have at least one generation of people who no longer really know how to cook. This is where I hope to be able to act as a resource to the Farm To Fork project. In future posts I will:


  • offer healthy foods that would make great options to donate to our emergency food providers,
  • explore nutritional differences between fresh, canned, and frozen veggies, and
  • consider why it might be helpful to have your fresh food donations change with the seasons.


We’ll even have a fruit or vegetable of the month where we’ll get to know a veggie just a little bit better. I’ll also provide simple recipes and healthy snack ideas that will empower you to discover that there is a hidden chef inside all of us.


If you have any questions or are looking for any recipes let me know. Looking forward to getting to talk food with y’all.


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