With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

$15,116. Roll that around in your head for a second. Fifteen thousand, one hundred, and sixteen dollars. That’s a pretty big number and it represents the support of friends, neighbours, well-wishers, community businesses, and total strangers. In short, we’re gobsmacked with the trust and faith all of you have shown in Farm To Fork. And we won’t let you down.


What’s next?


We’re going to take a day or two to catch our breath. Then, we’ve got two things on our immediate projects on our radar:


The first is the CUExpo in June. We’ll be speaking about the project and community engaged scholarship more generally. It’s a really great chance for us to get feedback on what we’ve done so far and spend some time making connections with folks working in the field. Also, did we mention the conference is in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland?


The second thing (and the thing we’re going to spending most of our time on) is beta testing. We’re just about ready to get started doing our best to break what we’ve built so we can fix any problems before they happen. The ‘whens’ and the ‘hows’ are being worked out, but we’ll be working with a couple of the food banks and pantries in town to make sure Farm To Fork is firing on all cylinders come September.


So that’s what’s next. Thanks for believing in us. We won’t let you down.