Thank You – We Are Inspired

prize-1500It was a long fundraising campaign, but thanks to so many amazing donors1 we have reached our campaign goal. In fact, we exceeded it.


But what exactly have you done?


You helped raise over $15000; money that will support the beta-testing phase of the Farm To Fork project. Specifically, the money will be used to pay for several Undergraduate Research Assistants (URAs), along with travel, and server costs.


More than that, your money will improve the way we address food security – not just in Guelph, not just in Ontario, but all across Canada and beyond. We will improve the quality and quantity of food entering the emergency food system. Farm To Fork will ensure that when a pantry needs fresh fruits or veggies, donors will know. Farm To Fork will also allow the pantries to identify other items that they might be desperately in need of (such as cleaning and hygiene supplies, childcare items, etc.). Ultimately, we’ll be able to ensure balanced and nutritious food to those in our community who need it.


But how do we know that we’ll improve food security beyond the City of Guelph? During the campaign several amazing things happened. First – Farm To Fork was noticed by food security experts in nearby cities (Kitchener, Mississauga, and London). They loved the idea and wanted to know how they could help make it a reality, and how soon they could bring the program to their cities. And then the Ontario Association of Food Banks noticed us. Before we could get over the fact that our local solution had spread to neighbouring cities and the province, we received an email from Food Banks Canada. Even more amazing, this was followed by conversations with interested parties as far away as Kentucky and Germany.


None of this would have happened if it weren’t for the awesome people who got the message out there. Because of you, we have met our goal, with the added bonus of support from all over the world. 


To say that we are humbled would be an understatement. To say that we are beaming wouldn’t possibly describe the size of the smiles on our faces. We are, in a word, inspired. And we can’t wait to get back to work on Monday, making sure that the website is perfect for launch in September.


Thank you for supporting this project. Thank you for helping us help those who struggle to feed themselves and their families. Thank you for believing in this cause. And thank you for being part of a group of people who do instead of just talk. You really are incredible, and we take your trust and faith in us, and this cause, very seriously. 


We would be remiss if we didn’t say thank you to the fine folks at Microryza. They have been more than supportive with the campaign, and have offered so much help and advice. They far exceeded anything I expected from a crowdsourcing website. If you ever have a project that you need to fund, do not hesitate to contact them.


For now we’re going to keep beaming. Just try to wipe the smiles off our faces. Trust us, it can’t be done.



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