Optimism is a Choice

img_01872.pngIt feels a little bit like everyone is a cynic these days, doesn’t it? That we don’t or can’t be bothered to care. That making things better doesn’t really matter because it isn’t really possible.


The Farm To Fork team doesn’t believe that. We think people are daunted and disappointed, not cynical. They’re daunted by the challenges we faced. They’re disappointed because they’ve been let down too many times by people who were supposed to help them.


We believe we can change that. We believe people are just waiting to be inspired and uplifted. We believe small, innovative projects that make a difference to people can start to change things. We believe that every one of these projects that succeeds – whether it’s a little or a lot – can give people hope; to believe that things can and will get better.


That’s why we’re doing Farm To Fork.


You can choose optimism. You can choose to help us.




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