The Business Of Doing Good


Post by Danny Williamson

Since we started Farm To Fork, we’ve been doing things on the cheap. That’s been partly by necessity and partly because we haven’t needed much.


Now we’re about to launch and the buzz is growing. There’s real interest in expanding Farm To Fork to benefit people throughout Ontario (and maybe even Canada). That’s exciting, but it also changes things.


In order to expand Farm To Fork to reach all those who need help, we need your help. We need additional resources (and we’d like to make sure the students who work with us get paid).


As a local business (heck, you don’t even have to be local; we’re not picky), we hope you’ll consider making a donation to Farm To Fork (click here to donate). Any amount helps and we sure could use it. If you do, we’ll be sure you get the attention you deserve on our website and in our public presentations.



To see who has already supported the Farm To Fork project, click here.


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