How Can You Help Farm To Fork?


The Farm To Fork team has just launched a fundraising campaign through Microryza – a crowdfunding platform that allows you to fund scientific research that is important to you (click here to visit the campaign page).


Our goal – raise at least $15000 to fund the final stages of the Farm To Fork project.


What is the $15000 going to do? Most of the money will be used to pay several very hard-working senior undergraduate students. Their job will be to complete beta-testing of the Farm To Fork website over the summer, and prep it for its official launch. Specifically, the students will be paid to finish any coding necessary to ensure the system is completely functional. They will also spend time getting feedback from users, correcting any coding or design errors, and improving the site. All of this is absolutely necessary to ensure a successful launch in September 2013.


A portion of the funds will also be used to buy necessary hardware (i.e. a new server) to house the website, and to cover some of the expenses related to sending the senior student developers to the Community University Expo in June. As mentioned here, the Farm To Fork team have already been accepted to lead an hour-long session during the conference. We’re excited to share our experiences and knowledge, as well as unveil the Farm To Fork project to a broader audience.


The Farm To Fork fundraising campaign will run from April 1, 2013 until May 19, 2013. Every dollar counts. If you are unable to donate but still want to help out, please share this information with your friends.


Thank you for being part of the Farm To Fork solution.


For full details about the fundraising campaign, please click here.