Food Waste Forum 2013: A Review

On Thursday March 21st, Danny Williamson and Dan Gillis of Farm To Fork sat down for a dinner with about 50 interested academics, government officials, and industry leaders to discuss the issue of food waste in Canada.


The event was fantastic, if not eye-opening. Part of the evening included a discussion led by a panel of four experts in the area of food waste and food security: Tim Faveri – Director, Sustainability and Responsibility, Tim Hortons Inc., Professor Ralph Martin – Loblaw Chair Sustainable Food Production, Plant Agriculture, Martin Gooch – Director, Value Chain Management Centre, George Morris Centre, and Professor Mike von Massow – School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, CME.


While much was discussed, several important facts were shared. Specifically:


  • Canadians waste 2.1 million metric tons of food from the household per year.
  • 2.1 million metric tons represents 51% of all food waste in the country.
  • In dollars, the average family throws $28 worth of food away per week ($1500 per year).
  • While 1 billion people on earth have too little food, 1.6 billion consume too much.


At Farm To Fork we’re hoping to make a dent in these issues. Food security and food waste go hand in hand. As such, Farm To Fork will facilitate the transfer of fresh produce from the household to the plates of those who need it most. It’s the right thing to do. Be part of a better solution. Be part of Farm To Fork.


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