Farm To Fork – The Prototype


School of Computer Science

The Farm To Fork team is proud to announce that senior undergraduate students Lee-Jay Cluskey-Belanger and Benjamin Katznelson will be unveiling the prototype of the Farm To Fork website in a few weeks time.


The presentation will take place in the School of Computer Science‘s Reynolds Building, room 219 on Thursday April 11th, from 2:30-3:30pm.


Beni and Lee-Jay will discuss the history of the project, beginning with the first meetings that took place during the early months of summer 2012, leading up to the fall semester and CIS3750, and finally ending in the winter semester with CIS4900. The developmental process will be outlined, with specific mention of obstacles faced and solutions attempted. A significant portion of the discussion will focus on community engagement, including the substantial efforts and contributions of Guelph’s Food Access Working Group, and the Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship.


The presentation will end with a review of the next developmental stages, as well as a demonstration of the current system.


Please join us if you can.


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