IgniteGuelph 2013


Ignite Guelph – April 23, 2013

Danny Williamson and Dan Gillis, co-founders of the Farm To Fork project, are pleased to announce that they will be presenting at the inaugural session of IgniteGuelph this April 23.


Our talk, How to Save the Universe, reflects our belief that meaningful change does not necessarily require the moving of mountains, or international influence. Instead, the cumulative effect of seemingly infinitesimal actions by committed citizens armed with the right technology will lead to the transformative change required to address many of today’s issues.


Thinking differently, acting differently, we can be the change we need to see in our world.


The Farm To Fork project has been built on these principles.



IgniteGuelph will take place at the Guelph Youth Music Centre, from 7-10pm on April 23rd. For more information click here.


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