Where Can You Donate?

img_01872.pngWhile our team continues to develop the Farm To Fork website, you can still help out the local food banks and food pantries in your home town by donating time, money, or food.

For those of you who live in Guelph and wish to donate, the addresses for Guelph’s food banks and food pantries are provided below. For full details regarding where, when, and how to donate, check out the Food Access Guide from the Guelph-Wellington Food Round Table.

  1. Brant Avenue Neighbourhood Group – 35 Algonquin Road
  2. Chalmers Community Service Centre (Downtown) – 40 Baker Street
  3. Chalmers Community Services Centre (West End) – 577 Willow Road
  4. Society of St. Vincent de PaulChurch of Our Lady Immaculate – 28 Norfolk Street
  5. Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Sacred Heart Church – 98 Alice Street
  6. Society of St. Vincent de Paul – St. Joseph’s Church – 409 Paisley Road
  7. Society of St. Vincent de Paul – St. John’s Church – 45 Victoria Road N.
  8. Grange Hill East Neighbourhood Group – Free Shelf – 525 Grange Road Community Room, Ken Danby Public School
  9. Grange Hill East Neighbourhood Group – Grab ‘n Go Food Cupboard – Auden Complex Community Room 470 Auden Road
  10. Guelph Food Bank – 100 Crimea Street
  11. Holy Rosary Church – 175 Emma Street
  12. HOPE House – 75 Norfolk Street
  13. Onward Willow Better Beginnings – 15 Willow Road, Unit K45
  14. Parkwood Gardens Neighbourhood Group – 21 Imperial Road South
  15. Parkwood Gardens Neighbourhood Group – Bread Program – West End Community Centre (Ecott Community Room) 60 Fife Road
  16. Salvation Army – 210 Victoria Road South
  17. Trinity United Church – 400 Stevenson Street N.
  18. Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group – Tytler Public School 131 Ontario Street
  19. University of Guelph CSA Food Bank – 620 Gordon Street Federal Annex Building
  20. Waverly Neighbourhood Group – Waverly Drive Public School Community Room 9 140 Waverly Drive
  21. West Willow Woods Neighbourhood Group – Westwood Public School 495 Willow Road Portable 1

To view a larger interactive Google Map, click on the image below.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 12.13.02 AM